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Assessment Process

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The steps to take an assessment are simple:
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Knowledge Assessments
  • Prove yourself
  • Improve yourself
  • In just one hour
  • For details on Knowledge Assessment Calculator (KAC) options, review The Assessment Program or click on an assessment below.

    1) Concepts and Terms
    2) Fundamental Payroll Practices
    3) Compliance, Operations and Administration
    4) Preparing for the FPC Exam
    5) Preparing for the CPP Exam
    A) Payroll 101: Foundations of Payroll Certificate Program Pre and Post Class Assessment
    B) Payroll 201: Payroll Administration Certificate Program Pre and Post Class Assessment
    C) Payroll Practice Essentials Pre and Post Class Assessment
    D) Intermediate Payroll Concepts Pre and Post Class Assessment
    E) Advanced Payroll Concepts Pre and Post Class Assessment
    F) Strategic Payroll Practices Pre and Post Class Assessment

    Assessment Benefits

    Assess your knowledge to perform your job with confidence -- and to find ways to improve. Each assessment recommends training resources specifically for your professional development to further your career.

    Evaluate and develop your staff with the Knowledge Assessment Calculator (KAC). The KAC assessments are a cost-effective measure of each team member's knowledge. Even better, managers are provided a training plan designed for the particular individual or a comprehensive departmental training program.

    Screen job applicants for proven payroll knowledge and identify any areas for improvement. You'll find many different ways to use the KAC assessments.

    Each Web-based assessment features questions and variables that are randomly selected from an extensive pool of questions, ensuring that each assessment is unique and providing you an invaluable opportunity to practice and improve. You may take up to one hour to complete an assessment and receive your training recommendations immediately. You also can access the scores of your most recent assessment online for 180 days. The KAC is designed to APA's exacting specifications by a preeminent team of Certified Payroll Professionals and industry experts.

    The American Payroll Association's KAC is a tool you cannot afford to pass up. Calculate your knowledge today.


    Dan Maddux
    Executive Director
    American Payroll Association

    P.S. You'll want to read what your peers say about the value of the KAC in helping them manage their career paths, even with a limited training budget. Read Testimonials Now

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